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Stars & Cosmic Ceilings

The effect of a glow-in-the-dark star ceiling is quite breathtaking.

By day the ceiling will look completely unassuming but come nightfall the special luminescent paint applied to the ceiling comes alive with stars, constellations, galaxies, comets, nebulae and planets.

It creates the illusion that the entire ceiling has opened up to the starry night sky.

I can create effects such as realistic planets & moons with craters that actually look 3D, comets trailing tails of dust particles and swirling distant galaxies.

Children are fascinated by the effects and they'll look forward to going to bed at night and drifting off to sleep as the star field fades in to the night. 

And why let the children have all the fun?! Anybody can have a cosmic star ceiling and will discover that drifting off to sleep under the stars is very therapeutic.

Contact me to order your star ceiling mural today. And for a limited time you can get up to a 100 square foot basic star ceiling mural for only $350.

Please note, as with all murals; prices do not include scaffold rental, and/or travel and lodging expenses should they apply. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Glow in the Dark Ceiling Murals

Are the paints safe?

Yes - the paints are water based and non-toxic.

As with most paints the glow paint will emit a slight odor when drying but being water based they dry within a couple of hours and the odor will fade away.

Does the ceiling have to be painted black first?

Absolutely not. A white ceiling is perfect for the paints to glow at their best.

Can the effect be painted onto an popcorn or textured ceiling?

Yes - I can paint stars and nebulae onto textured ceilings, although it will not be possible to create the planet and comet effects as these work best on a smooth surface.

How does the paint glow?

The paints are phosphorescent which means they can absorb sunlight and artificial light (known as charging) and slowly release this light during darkness. UV or black light is ideal for charging these paints.

What is UV?

UV is short for Ultraviolet light (or black light). UV light has a wavelength shorter than that of visible light and cannot be detected by the human eye.

While UV light itself is invisible, it causes many substances to glow or fluoresce in a variety of colors that are visible and you will probably have seen the effects of such lighting at theme parks and nightclubs.

How long will the stars glow for?

The paints will glow for up to 10 hours if they are given an adequate charge of light. Normal lighting will do the job but for the most outstanding results a UV black-light will charge up the ceiling better & faster.

Is the paint visible during the day?

In daylight the paint is a very pale cream color so if painted onto a white or off-white ceiling the effect is almost invisible.

How long does it take to complete a Star Ceiling?

I would allow at least four to eight hours for a cosmic ceiling star mural that includes planets and comets on an 80-100 sq ft ceiling.

Will I be able to paint over a Star Ceiling?

Yes - you will probably need about 3-4 coats of emulsion before the effect finally disappears although I would be very surprised if you ever wanted to do this.

Will I have to remove furniture from the room to be painted?

I use plastic sheeting and dust covers to protect the walls, floor & furniture but I do ask that the room is cleared as much as possible - especially of any fragile and valuable items.

After you complete the ceiling will I have to wait until night-time to see the effect?

Not at all. Before I start painting the ceiling I have to block out the daylight with blackout material - this is to simulate the night-time. Once I have finished the ceiling I will give it a good charge with a UV light so you will be able to see the effect before I leave.

Copyright Patricia Ann Dees