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Expand and enliven your interior space with a mural by Patricia Ann Dees. A mural can add a sense of serenity or excitement to any room. From borders and faux, to theme based full wall murals that'll take your home or office interior to another level.

Mural Pricing Chart

You can calculate a basic estimate using the chart below. There is a $250 non-refundable fee for preparing sketches. This fee is then applied towards the total price of the mural. Prices for murals are variable depending on surface of walls, height, and various other factors and *do not include scaffold or travel/lodging expenses, should they apply. See Sample Mural Contract for more details or Contact artist directly.  


Type A
Cartoonish  Juvenile

Type B
Stylized/Graphic Decor

Type C
Low to Medium Detail

Type D
High Detail

Under 15

$25/SQ. FT.

$35/SQ. FT.

$70/SQ. FT.

$85/SQ. FT.


$20/SQ. FT.

$30/SQ. FT.

$65/SQ. FT.

$80/SQ. FT.


$14/SQ. FT.

$25/SQ. FT.

$50/SQ. FT.

$75/SQ. FT.


$12/SQ. FT.

$20/SQ. FT.

$40/SQ. FT.

$70/SQ. FT.

Over 125 SQ. FT.

$10/SQ. FT.

$15/SQ. FT.

$30/SQ. FT.

$55-65/SQ. FT.

ceiling work = 1 X sq. ft. cost

Popular cartoon characters, princesses, superheros, etc.

Faux design, borders, etc.

Special limited time offer on glow in the dark star ceiling murals *. $350 up to 100 sq ft. Details...

Garden scenes, landscapes, & animals; more detailed child rooms, such as fairies,
 castles, & unicorns, would be
Type C or D, depending on density.

High detail consists of buildings, any
 architectural structures, cars, ships, and human figures, as well as detailed animal figures.

Compare prices to the International Muralist Standard Fees




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